Morgan, 1-year-old ginger and white cat seeks forever home



Contributed photo

You’ve heard of a dog whisperer. The cat volunteers at ROAR are becoming “cat whisperers” — learning to understand the “inner cat.”

Such is the case with Morgan, an adorable ginger and white sassy 1-year old. Sometimes being in a shelter can make a cat briefly feel a bit guarded. She didn’t know what was going to happen. Some cats welcome company but Morgan is still adjusting to sharing space with other cats.

Just to give her time to relax, Morgan went on a winter break to the home of a volunteer. She absolutely loved it! She got loads of attention, plenty of playtime, indoor comforts and yummy treats. She loved being close to her human buddy and learned to trust him completely. Putting all of this together, we understand what this little cat with cattitude will need.

Because she is a bit “hand shy” she hopes her new family will be patient with her, not overwhelm her, and accept the way she is, as an adorable, spunky little girl.

Will you give love and snuggles to little Morgan? She’s waiting with paws crossed.

Morgan is current with her vaccinations and has been spayed.

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Mary Ellen Egan