To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Rudy Marconi on his reelection to the office of first selectman. I also offer my congratulations to all those that were elected and those who ran, but were unsuccessful in their quest. On a personal note to those who supported me and voted for me, thank you.

A special thanks to Hope Wise, our RTC chairperson, and Bob Casella, my treasurer. I was heartened by the large turnout for this election; as I stated during the campaign, it was important to have a contested race. I am hopeful that some of issues that I raised during the campaign will be addressed by our elected officials during the coming years Finally, while there were spirited debates during the campaign, there was no vitriol or personal attacks in the first selectman's race.

In fact, I enjoyed the repartee that I had on Facebook with two of Rudy's campaign staff, David Goldenberg and Gerri Lewis.

As the saying goes, “Disagreement without being disagreeable.” Once again, thanks to everyone involved with process.

Dick Moccia