Meeting frameworks for the Board of Education

Meetings of the Ridgefield Board of Education are defined by Conn. General Statutes Sec 1-200 and local considerations are governed by the Ridgefield BOE Bylaws (Policy Series 9000).

A quorum of five members is required to conduct business, but fewer can hear discussion items. All meetings are open to the public (except those specifically exempted by law), and they operate under the “Robert’s Rules of Order.” Rules regarding notice, posting of agendas and filing of minutes are in accordance with state statutes.

There are different types of BOE meetings with different requirements. In very general terms:

 Regular board meetings (9322): Regular meetings of the board shall be held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month (except July).

 Special meetings (9322.1): The BOE chair can call a special meeting whenever he/she deems it is necessary or whenever three members request in writing that he/she call one.

 Emergency meetings (9322.2): In case of an emergency, the chair may call an emergency meeting. It is not necessary to post a notice in the town clerk’s office at least 24 hours prior.

 Executive session (9322.3): The board may go into executive session at regular, special or emergency meetings, and the subject of discussion is limited by statute. Attendance shall be limited to board members and persons invited by the board. All executive sessions must be posted 24 hours in advance

 Public hearings (9350): The board may hold a public hearing on any issue where it seeks the opinion and/or guidance of the public. Notice is posted in the town clerk’s office at least 24 hours before the scheduled hearing.