Happy Tail, Happy Tale?

Meet Caroline, a two and a half-year-old large, soft and furry Mississippi Golden girl mix, hoping to end her tale of loneliness. While ROAR is a great temporary place to be for a homeless dog, Caroline yearns for a happy ending to her tale with a human family to love her.

Everyone says ‘what a sweet, lovely dog’ when Caroline walks by. She responds by giving them a big smile and exuberant wags of her happy tail. She’s hoping her happy tail will turn into the happiest of tales when someone comes to the ROAR Shelter wanting to take her home.

Caroline is exceptional on a leash, whether she is walking, jogging or hiking. Her fluffy coat and tail make her the perfect dog for northern climates. Speaking of exceptions, Caroline loves only humans — no cats or dogs, no exceptions.

Caroline is spayed, micro-chipped and up-to-date on vaccinations.

Her adoption fee is $350. Come by and meet Caroline at the ROAR Donofrio Family Animal Shelter located at 45 South Street to change her tale of yearning into your tale of happiness. Go to roar-ridgefield.org to learn more.