Mascot election: Octopus, tiger, and unicorn square of in Ridgefield's latest race

Thought the 2019 election was over? Think again.

The Ridgefield Library is hosting a “Mascot Election” between an octopus, a tiger, and a unicorn. Ridgefield children began voting on the three stuffed animals on Nov. 1. The polls remain open through Saturday, Nov. 16.

The event is brain child of Children’s Librarian Shay Glass.

“There are only three candidates, but we also have a write-in option and have received votes (and drawings) for bear, snake, a ghost, and more,” Glass said.

“They do have platforms,” Glass said. “Octopus wants to bring her many legs to the mascot office; Tiger wants to increase snuggling; Unicorn wants to make the Library more majestic.”

The library has set up a voting booth and ballots set up. More than 300 votes have been tallied so far.

For more information on the candidates, visit the Ridgefield Library on Instagram.