Marketplace at Copps Hill to begin composting

Businesses at the Marketplace at Copps Hill are changing the way they take out the trash.  

The stores will now be composting food scraps, rather than relying on traditional garbage disposal.

Todd and Monica Brown, the owners of 109 Cheese Market, have been participating in a trial program this summer and are happy with the new system.

“This is one small change we have made for our business that will directly benefit our local area,” the Browns said.

“We hope that composting becomes a standard practice for the food industry in Ridgefield.”

Composting is a process where organic material is decomposed into rich, dark soil, which can be recycled for use as a fertilizer

And not only does composting provide healthy dirt — it also improves the environment.  Decreasing the volume of organic waste placed in landfills reduces the amount of greenhouse gases — like methane — that is produced.

Additionally, using compost improves soil structure and health, reducing the need for supplemental watering, fertilizers, and pesticides.  

And the community will see a direct benefit from change.

Local landfills will not be filled as quickly and the compost created here will be used nearby, in Fairfield and Westchester Counties.

The Ridgefield-based business, Curbside Compost, will collect the organic waste weekly from designated receptacles at the Marketplace.  The receptacles will then be rinsed and the liners changed.  

Curbside Compost offers service for residencies as well as businesses.