Mancini joins Local Social Media team

Two local digital marketing experts are teaming up to drive revenue to small businesses across the country.

Birgitta Stone, president and founder of Local Social Media, has brought Jessica Jane Mancini, a leader in sales and recruiting for LimeLife by Alcone, onto her team of experts to broaden the suite of marketing packages offered. Mancini’s experience, particularly in influencer marketing, will help shape the new sales tools the company is preparing to offer its clients soon.

“We are so fortunate to have Jessica on our team,” Stone said. “Her enthusiasm and experience working in the local market has already proven to be an asset.”

Mancini joins Local Social Media as a local social expert and a local social influencer.

She is currently a founding executive global director for LimeLife by Alcone where she continues to grow her business exponentially through social selling techniques. Prior to this business, Mancini honed her entrepreneurial skills by owning and operating her own performing arts studio, as well as a fitness facility, before joining the Ridgefield Board of Finance for eight years.

Mancini and Stone have known each other for years as colleagues and are excited to work together.

“In 2011, Birgitta had the instinct; she knew there was something to be had with bringing businesses and social media together,” Mancini said. “Having that idea so early on was intuitive. She was the first person I knew who was offering social media marketing for small businesses, and she’s been steadfast and reputable in her business ever since. I knew she was the right person to collaborate with.”

Local Social Media is an online digital content and marketing company designed to create consistent local branding for clients. Established in 2011, it was one of the first to use the influence of social media to give clients the edge over their competition. Since then, the firm has earned the trust of more than 250 companies across the United States in creating consistent local branding for clients.