Local business services that won't break the bank

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For a small business, it is the classic paradox: Things start going so well that they start going poorly.

“You see this frequently,” said Shannon (Kilcran) Freda. “Suppose you are a plumber and you begin getting a lot more work. This is great for the business, but it also means you might not have time for administrative services that can keep the business running smoothly.”

That’s where Ridgefield Administrative Solutions comes in. Launched last month by Freda, a longtime Ridgefield resident, the company offers a wealth of administrative support services for local businesses and individuals.

“It’s a great way for small businesses to get administrative support without having to hire staff and pay wages and health care,” said Freda, an executive assistant at a financial firm in Greenwich. “With some local businesses, the owner is literally trying to do everything. That can get overwhelming and stressful and ultimately hurt the company.”

Ridgefield Administrative Solutions provides more than 20 administrative services, including client and calendar management, payroll/bookkeeping, document creation, accounts payable/receivable, e-mail and blog management, web design, Excel spreadsheet creation, and PowerPoint presentations.

“It’s different from a temp agency, which can have astronomical fees and contracts,” said Freda about her company’s business model. “Everything is done remotely, although we can go on-site for specific projects.”

To better serve clients, Ridgefield Administrative Solutions offers three distinct pricing options. An hourly rate ($36) is designed for businesses requiring infrequent or minimal services; a project rate is beneficial for businesses that need projects completed intermittently; and a retainer rate is geared toward businesses looking for ongoing administrative support services over a long period.

“We realize that smaller, local businesses are trying to keep costs under control,” said Freda, whose husband, Dan, owns Freda Excavation Inc. “We want to be a one-stop, administrative-support resource that provides quality work at a reasonable price.”

Unlike many virtual assistants and temp agencies, Ridgefield Administrative Solutions is also able to help clients expand their own clientele.

“A lot of small businesses struggle when it comes to effective advertising and marketing,” said Freda. “There are so many things that small businesses can do to amp up, and yet they are either unaware of those strategies or unable to make them happen. That’s something we can do for them.”

For more information, visit ridgefieldas.com or call 203-942-7820.