Local author publishes triplet thriller

Chris Bedell recently published his second book “Burning Bridges.”

Chris Bedell recently published his second book “Burning Bridges.”

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Ridgefield author Chris Bedell recently published his second novel “Burning Bridges.” The 24-year-old author, known for his first book “In the Name of Magic,” said his latest book is a neo-noir thriller in the New Adult genre, which targets readers in their 20s. Bedell noted it is important to create literature for those in between being a “teenager and owning your first home.” “Burning Bridges” is the first book in a trilogy that Bedell promises will continue to get “crazier and crazier with every chapter.” Bedell recently spoke with us about “Burning Bridges” and being a young author.

TinaMarie Craven: What is “Burning Bridges” about?

Chris Bedell: It’s about identical triplets, one of them was sold on the black market as a baby because their parents were expecting identical twins and they couldn’t afford to take care of three children. The one that was given away wants to get her revenge years later.

TC: What inspired this plot?

CB: “Gone Girl” was one inspiration because, I don’t know if you’ve seen or read “Gone Girl” but with that the reader or the viewer in the movie eventually know some things before the characters do or certain characters do, which creates this dramatic irony. Sarah Michelle Gellar had a show besides “Buffy” called “Ringer” on the CW from 2011 to 2012 and that was about identical twins. I thought that was an interesting show because “Ringer” is the only show that’s dealt with identical twins and swapping places and I thought “what would be more exciting than two people who looked alike, three people who looked alike would be even more trouble and hijinks.”

TC: Your first book was written as YA and “Burning Bridges” is a New Adult book, what made you want to shift genres?

CB: There are some things that are not appropriate for younger readers and it’s easier to deal with for older readers. One of the scenes or issues in the book is sex traffiking and that would be kind of difficult to talk about through a YA lens. I think New Adult lets me tell the gritty story I need to tell.

TC: How does it feel to have had two books published at such a young age?

CB: If feels really good because writing is like acting or playing a musical instrument or a sport, it’s that same talent that needs to be cultivated over time. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Malcolm Gladwell but he has this quote that it takes 10,000 hours to be somewhat proficient at something and it’s important to keep working at your craft, whatever it is. But it also feels great to be published so young because small presses are doing the work that mainstream publishing doesn’t always do, with having more diversity and taking chances with baby writers.

TC: Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

CB: It’s OK to write a really bad first draft or couple of drafts. Sometimes you need time to really get to the story you want to tell.

TC: What do you want your readers to take away from “Burning Bridges”?

CB: With “Burning Bridges,” I’d like my readers to take away that it’s important for you to stand up for yourself. Sometimes you have to fight for the life you want and deserve because nobody is going to give it to you and sometimes you are your own best advocate.

TC: I understand you have a few other works on the publishing pipeline. Can you tell me about those books?

CB: My next book is a YA paranormal romance novel called “Deathly Desires” and the pitch for that book is Tara Sim’s “Timekeeper” trilogy meets “Pretty Little Liars” so the essence of it is that I could buy too overdone things that are key in pop culture such as paranormal romance and then a revenge murder mystery game, but by combining them together I’m able to have a new spin on it. And then I also have a YA contemporary novel coming out in early 2020, it’s called “I’ll See You Again.” It’s about cancer and coming of age and going through that first love and romance.

For more about Bedell and his writing, check out his Twitter page, @ChrisBedell.