The Ridgefield Library, working in conjunction with their 2020 Gala honorees, Eileen and Jay Walker, has decided to postpone its 1920s themed Great Expectations event scheduled for Nov. 7, 2020. Originally planned for late May 2020, this is the second time they have felt it imperative the event be delayed in response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

The Library feels this decision is in the best interests of the honorees, who deserve an event free from the controversy of the pandemic and focused on their accomplishments, and the Library staff, volunteers and attendees whose health could be compromised by a physical gathering. The Library also believes that a virtual event would not do the many contributions the Walkers have made to the Ridgefield and global communities justice.

“As long as the option for an event where we can celebrate them in person remains a possibility, we will pursue it,” said Library Director Brenda McKinley. Consequently the Gala will now be held at the Library Saturday, May 22, 2021 from 6-11 p.m., with the full support of the Walkers, assuming community consensus on virus protocols, along with State and Local guidelines, align with the proposal for the event.

The Library Board appreciates the effect this decision might have on the plans of Gala sponsors and Library supporters who had planned on attending first the Gala in May and now November 2020. The Library will work to ensure that the new date will not compromise their ability to honor the Walkers with a unique and worthy celebration.

For more information, contract Laureen Bubniak, director of development, at