To the Editor:

One cannot deny that by the very definition of the word, our president is a racist.

Look it up. He believes white people are superior to people of color. Simple. Racist.

“There, but for the grace of God, go I” are words he will never speak.

I have yet to hear one Trump voter (who would admit it) say they made a mistake and I imagine there are plenty who will vote for him again. It is time for all of you Trump supporters who will hold their noses and vote for him again to just stop it.

No amount of pocketbook fattening will excuse you from being judged complicit in the tragic meltdown of the American ideal. A slow drip of authoritarianism is eroding centuries of American honor. A flood of lies is washing away our standing in a world in deep need of what America has been for 240 years.

A tragic tableau of dying children trying to make a better life for themselves has papered over the words that grace the foundation that Lady Liberty stands upon. All done in just 30 short months.

The blood of millions of American women, men, blacks, Hispanics, natives, gays and Muslims who fought for that ideal is being scrubbed from the steps of the war memorials on the D.C. Mall by the selfish agenda of the right and the emboldened posturing of a child-lunatic. Seriously.

Chris Grey

Ivy Hill Road, July 18