Letter: Old Quarry Road projects had open bid process

To the Editor:
Clearly the election cycle has begun, and for some that means spreading false information. With regard to the rental housing and assisted living development on Old Quarry Road, the town sold the land via a public open bid process and the terms were approved at a Town Meeting. The transaction was completed over a year before I was elected to the Board of Selectmen. The development was approved by the independent Planning and Zoning Commission. The reason was to have an assisted living facility in the center of a town and also to collect the taxes the development will generate.
I encourage the writer of the above letter to call me any time to clarify his misunderstanding of the facts. I’m happy to discuss any issue that comes before the Board of Selectmen.
As for the writer’s observations about Gov. Lamont’s proposals, I suggest he contact our State Rep. John Frey with his concerns since the Ridgefield Board of Selectmen has nothing to do with these issues.
Steve Zemo
Catoonah Street, Feb. 4