To the Editor:

On Monday, Sept. 23, I attended the Ridgefield Conservation Committee meeting. I was there on behalf of Ridgfield Voters United to ask questions that we still feel are unanswered with regards to the storage cube project on Route 7.

The meeting was not only informative but comfortable and respectful towards the residents attending. The committee’s answers to our questions were educated and thoughtful.

Each and every member was calm and they never once demeaned anyone or made any resident feel uncomfortable.

This is how a board meeting should be conducted in Ridgefield. There was mutual respect between the residents and board members.

It was a stark contrast to the Planning and Zoning Board meetings that I have attended in complete disgust. PZB meetings are filled with board members demeaning and reprimanding residents in addition to allowing the attorneys for the applicants to bully residents as well.

Most evident is when you realize that the residents attending have absolutely no respect at all for any members of the PZB. The members of the PZB should attend a few RCC meetings and take some behavioral lessons. Take a look at what giving and receiving respect from residents actually looks like.

Lori Mazzola

Ridgefield Voters United, spokesperson, Sept. 24