To the Editor:

A response to the climate change letter that ran in the Jan. 9 Ridgefield Press: From its opening claim that Democrats and the mainstream media predict environmental apocalypse in 12 years to its final claim that electromagnetic pulses, not climate disasters, are the real threat, the response letter was filled by misinformation and nutty assertions.

One of the response letter’s problems was the sources of information: Don’t get your climate science from The Daily Caller or The National Review. The international scientific community (IPCC/National Academy of Sciences) is unanimous in its declaration that we must make massive cuts to greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 or we will face catastrophic consequences in decades to come.

But whatever your views on climate change, there’s one thing we can all agree on. Cheaper energy is good, especially when it doesn’t produce any pollution. Solar and wind energy is now cheaper than any fossil fuel and their prices drop substantially every year as they scale up (

That’s why they now produce 20% of U.S. electricity, more than coal, which is rapidly going bankrupt. The projections from international financial giants like UBS/Financial Times show clean energy should be essentially free by 2030.

U.S. utilities are already locking in bids for 2 cents per kWh in California, Colorado and Arizona before the price drops further. Average fossil fuel power plants average about 12 cents per kWh. It’s now cheaper to build a new solar or wind power plant than keep an existing fossil fuel plant running (,,

Energy storage costs add about 1 cent more per kWh, but those prices continue to plummet as well. At the same time, solar and wind have created 3,3 million high-wage American jobs, more than the entire U.S. fossil fuel industry ( That’s because the energy is free. Forever. The only thing keeping oil and natural gas from the same fate is tens of billions in annual government subsidies (paid by the taxpayers). End those subsidies and we’ll see a rapid mass exodus of investors already nervous about stranded assets the fossil fuel industry is stuck with.

Vote for representatives to Congress who will end fossil fuel subsidies and the oil and natural gas industry collapse, just like coal, and they too will be replaced by cheaper, clean energy.

Lynn Goldfarb

Ridgefield, Jan. 9