Letter: CBD shop could taint Main Street image

To the Editor:

I have been concerned for several weeks since reading of a possible store rental on our Main Street to a “pharmaceutical” marijuana/cannabis business. Yes, I know some people will hasten to declare these CBD products will be only pharmacological and not the kind of marijuana that produces brain-stimulating highs.

However, it appears the store space they want to rent would be a neighbor of Deborah Ann’s Sweet ice cream shop, as well as next to the Sugarbeads/Zoe & Co. store which will feature birthday parties. Both of these businesses attract many children, and I do believe this line of stores is in a school zone. The other day, I went to Deborah Ann’s and saw that in front of the store and inside were many children enjoying ice cream. I believe they were from the Boys & Girls Club with their counselor.

Most people will agree marijuana is considered the “gateway drug” to so many of the far more dangerous drugs out there. We must be aware of examples we set before our growing children. I do predict if that Pharma [Pharm Stand] store goes in at its proposed location near stores favored by children, our young ones will soon be calling it “The Pot Shop” and will see adults entering to “stroll through the weeds!”

Is this a good Main Street image we want for our lovely town of Ridgefield?

Catherine Sementini

Old Wagon Road, July 29

Editor’s note: The Pharm Stand, opening at 470 Main Street this summer, is not located next to Deborah Ann’s or Zoe & Co. That storefront remains vacant.