What a life she has led!

Our story has a heartrending beginning with a truly hopeful ending.

Kimmie, the little 2-year old mom, was found by the side of the road with her seven kittens. Her rescue was life- changing. Soon Kimmie found herself under the loving care of the staff and volunteers at ROAR. Her kittens have all been adopted and now it is her turn.

Kimmie is not only adorable, but sweet and gentle and loving. She’s shy and quiet and would feel comfortable in a small space at first. Soft and quiet toys will be soothing to her. Once she gets used to new noises and smells, she will start to be inquisitive about other spaces and start to rub against your legs and follow you around. Introducing new family members one-by-one will help her from being overwhelmed. And ... always tell her you love her!

Kimmie has gorgeous bright eyes and elegant and shiny fur ... with a distinctive white spot. She’s been spayed and is up to date with her vaccinations. She would prefer to not have MALE cats around. Don’t worry! Time and patience will bring you and Kimmie love and companionship.

Call the ROAR-Donofrio Family Animal Shelter during open hours, at 203-438-0158, to set up an appointment to meet Kimmie. We are located at 45 South St. Visit our website at www.roar-ridgefield.org to learn about our adoptable animals and procedures.