Kittens available for adoption at ROAR

They’re almost here...those incredibly adorable, simply lovable bundles of fluff, who will capture your heart — kittens. They’re expected to arrive soon.

The joy of adopting kittens is so rewarding! If you and your family have had discussions along those lines, it’s always wise to begin to prepare early.

Life with your new kitten consists of eating, playing and sleeping. You’ll need proper accesories — kitten food, bedding, litter box, scratching post and toys ( many) ... which also distract from nibbling on fingers.

Even though kittens have a ton of energy, sometimes you might need to teach the little one how to play. The more encouragement the better. A little child in the house can also learn the best way to interact with a kitten.

Sleep is also important for your kitten’s growth. Although she might fall asleep in random places, a small quiet room with a cozy bed or a soft-lined box can do the trick.

ROAR will send you home with valuable information, medical records and nutritional kitten food.

You may call the ROAR-Donofrio Family Animal Shelter at 203-438-0158 to find out when the kittens are in residence and the new procedures for visiting the shelter to view the kittens.

The information about adopting cats and dogs and volunteering opportunities can be found at The shelter is located at 45 South St.

Mary Ellen Egan