Ridgefield Republicans will only be running one candidate for the Board of Police Commissioners this election season.

Candidate Terry Kirkpatrick resigned from the race on Tuesday, Sept. 24, citing personal reasons.

“With regret I must tell you that I am resigning my candidacy for a seat on the Police Commission,” he wrote to Hope Wise, chair of the Republican Town Committee. “There are personal reasons but also a realization that with my various volunteer activities I can’t give the attention to each that they deserve. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and learning more about Ridgefield and the political process.”

With Kirkpatrick’s resignation, the lone Republican candidate on the ballot for Police Commission is Tom Reynolds, a partner at Reynolds and Rowella in Ridgefield.

Reynolds has served on the commission for 10 years, and has been named commission chair twice.

The commission’s current chair is George Kain.

Kain is running for re-election on the Democratic ticket alongside current commissioner Nicholas Perna and former Ridgefield police dispatcher Issy Caporale.