The Keeler Tavern is no stranger to parties. Indeed, the upcoming Fall Party on Sept. 14 is one in a long line of social gatherings dating back to 1772 when Timothy Keeler and his wife, Esther, transformed part of their home into a taproom for locals and travelers. Like Timothy and Esther before them, the Planning Committee for this year’s Fall Party is on trend by offering local libations, including non-alcoholic kombucha (aka booch).

What does kombucha have to do with history, you might ask (and what is it, for that matter)? Kombucha is a beverage produced by fermenting tea, sugar, yeast, and bacteria. And while that might not sound very appealing, add citrus, elderberry, or spices, and kombucha is a refreshing alternative to alcohol.

There is a movement underway to redefine what it means to enjoy oneself at a party, especially in a #metoo era, where alcohol often plays a role in abuse. Women and men are consciously eschewing hooch for booch and other creative non-alcoholic drinks.

A few women protested alcohol during the 19th-century temperance movement by attacking taverns with hatchets. We are happy to offer alternatives to alcohol at the Fall Party, especially if it means preventing a hatchet attack.

Lynn Felici-Gallant