Keeler Tavern Museum & History Center receives education grant

The entrance to the Keeler Tavern Museum in Ridgefield.

The entrance to the Keeler Tavern Museum in Ridgefield.

Ian Murren / Hearst Connecticut Media

Fairfield County Bank donated $5,000 to Keeler Tavern Museum & History Center (KTM&HC) as an education grant supporting students in Fairfield County.

The grant will help fund a virtual experience for children to participate in educational opportunities when on-site visits are not possible due to COIVD-19 restrictions. The students will learn and make personal connections about the past, discover and relive historical events, and be introduced to the history and civics of the United States. The goal of this program is to reach more students since the experiences will be all virtual. The last grant Fairfield County Bank provided KTM&HC subsidized transportation and admission for over 300 students from Bridgeport and Danbury.

“We are very proud to provide students a different way of learning about the 300 years of history within the Keeler Tavern Museum and History Center,” said Chuck Woerner, senior vice president at Fairfield County Bank. “The Keeler Tavern offers a unique opportunity for students to experience history as the site of the Keeler Tavern played a significant role in the founding and growing of America.”

“We are grateful to Fairfield County Bank to continue to underwrite our school programs — this time for a digital experience,” said Hildegard Grob, executive director at KTM&HC. “This grant will allow us to convert our in-person, on-site programs to a digital platform, thereby engaging more schoolchildren throughout Fairfield County with a virtual experience for learning about our site’s history.”