Fans of “Outlander’s” 18th-century women’s clothing will have a rare opportunity to pick the brain of a real-life historic Scottish dressmaker without having to enter the stones. Rebecca Olds, famous for leading a team that recreated the Isabella MacTavish Fraser wedding gown — an 18th-century tartan dress that is still worn by brides in Scotland — will be on hand at KTM&HC on March 3 to discuss the dress, its cultural significance, and the role of dressmakers in Scottish communities after the Battle of Culloden.

For us at KTM&HC, it is an opportunity to dissect the historic and socio-economic condition of 18th-century professional women — at home and abroad. The wedding dress was created as a true collaboration between Isabella MacTavish, the wearer, and her dressmaker — dispelling existing perceptions by the Scottish elite of the “backward” ways of rural Highlander women who ran the dress-making trade at the time.

For others, Ms. Olds’ presentation will be the closest they get to touching clothing worn by women such as Claire Fraser, without having to travel back in time.