Keeler Notes: History throwdown at the tavern

Got history? Here’s your chance to show your chops, when teams compete in the fourth annual Battle of Ridgefield History Trivia Contest in our Garden House on Friday evening, March 23.

This year’s question-and-answer competition is called the Boomer Edition. And the topics for the evening? The American Historical Association says that “Everything has a history,” and we’ll be putting that proposition to the test, so to speak. If you paid attention in social studies, that’s a good start, because you’ll find some of the usual suspects. But if you’re a boomer, the contest will feature history that you learned — and history that you lived.

So gather a team of as many as six (it’s $10 per contestant to participate), exercise those memory cells, and reserve space by calling 203-438-5485 or emailing Then prepare to make some history of your own.

As a warm-up, here’s some demographic trivia: What is the only generation formally defined by the Census Bureau?

(a) Gen X

(b) Millennials

(c) Greatest Generation

(d) Baby Boomers

As 70 years of history has taught us, it could only be (d).