Meet Jericho, “a happy-go-lucky gentile giant” as described by one ROAR volunteer. Jericho might be the sweetest, special Bulldog mix you will ever meet. What makes him special?

Jericho is deaf.

Owning a deaf dog is challenging, but also rewarding. As humans, we are used to dogs responding to verbal commands. Things are different when communicating with a deaf dog. Adjustments and learning new ways to communicate are necessary to live a harmonious life together. There is no reason why any deaf dog cannot live a long and happy life.

Jericho already knows many visual signs. With some further effort on your part, consistent hand motions and positive reinforcement, Jericho will understand you just as well as a hearing dog.

Please be mindful Jericho must be kept on a leash when he is outside because he will not be able to hear danger, like a car approaching.

Jericho is up to date on vaccinations, is micro-chipped and neutered. His adoption fee is $200.

Because he is a senior dog, Jericho’s adoption fee is waived for a human senior. However, he is a big, strong boy, so no matter the age, he will require an experienced and dog-savvy adopter when he is on leash walking.

To make an appointment to meet Jericho, call the ROAR Donofrio Animal Shelter at (203) 438-0158.