How a Ridgefield teen created the logo for the Battle of Ridgefield’s 245th anniversary celebrations

Left, Isabel Griffith and the logo she created for Ridgefield’s 245th anniversary

Left, Isabel Griffith and the logo she created for Ridgefield’s 245th anniversary

/ Karen Griffith

RIDGEFIELD — Those attending events planned for the 245th anniversary of the Battle of Ridgefield this weekend may come across items that contain a logo of a war soldier holding a rifle, looking off into the distance.

The young woman behind the logo is 18-year-old Isabel Griffith, who grew up in Ridgefield and is now a freshman at the University of Maryland.

Griffith created the logo while working as an intern for Town Hall through Ridgefield High School’s intern program. She was later hired by the town as a summer intern.

While Griffith was interning, First Selectman Rudy Marconi began planning events for the Battle of Ridgefield. He wanted to have something to put on memorabilia for those events.

While he originally planned to hire someone to create the logo, Griffith, who said she considers herself to be creative, decided to try her hand at it.

She began working on some possible ideas and created some rough drafts.

“I was looking at having a cannon in the logo but realized that that was the sign for Keeler Tavern,” said Griffith, who was also on the organizing committee for the Battle of Ridgefield’s 245th Anniversary.

Griffith said the war figure is not based on any actual person.

“I literally just was scrolling through JPEGs on Google until I found something that I thought fit well with the time period. So it's just a regular Revolutionary War-like soldier,” said Griffith, who is a criminology and criminal justice major.

When creating the logo, she got feedback from Marconi and Board members of the Ridgefield Historical Society.

“I did all the actual recreating myself but there was a lot of guidance in terms seeing if others liked it or not,” she said.

She spent about a month coming up with ideas before deciding on a final version. The logo was then sent to Phil Yarnall/SMAY Design for final refinement.

The logo will be seen throughout the weekend, said Nancy Rowe, executive director of the Ridgefield Historical Society.

“We have stickers that we'll give the kids that have the logo. There are T-shirts that we're selling that have a logo,” Rowe said.

Additionally, there are posters promoting the official schedule of events, which also contain the logo.

“Mostly, we're using it as the mark to identify that this event or this story or something is officially related to the Battle of Ridgefield’s 245th anniversary,” Rowe said. “It's like the official mark of the anniversary.”

Griffith, who hopes to pursue a career in the FBI or CIA, said she has always considered herself to be a creative person and has always loved drawing as a hobby.

When Griffith returns home from college this summer, she’ll be working at a cafe in Greenwich called Happiness Is Back Country Market, Cafe & Catering. She said, however, that she would also be interested in helping out at Town Hall if she’s needed.

Marconi said Griffith wore many hats and was involved in multiple projects over the course of her internship at Town Hall.

"Not only did she design the logo but during 4th of July last year, set up an Eventbrite account for us,” Marconi said. “And we process more payments through there than we've ever done before for the whole effort. So, she is a definite asset, no matter where she focuses her attention.”

Isabel said creating the the logo makes her feel “proud.”

“It makes me feel like I made an impact on the event itself,” she said. “I feel like I was able to create something that people could enjoy.”