Hoodoo's celebrates five years with roast pig give-away

Hoodoo Brown's on Route 7 is roasting a whole pig today and giving

Hoodoo Brown's on Route 7 is roasting a whole pig today and giving "whole hog sandwiches" to those in need, to celebrate the restaurant's fifth anniversary.

Contributed photo / Hearst Connecticut Media

Barbecue will be free to health workers, the unemployed and anyone in need as Hoodoo Brown’s on Route 7 in Ridgefield is cooking up a whole hog Tuesday, May 26, as owners Chris Sexton and Cody Sperry celebrate the restaurant’s fifth anniversary.

“We wanted to take a quick second to thank the town for all the support you have given Hoodoo Brown BBQ over the past five years. When Cody and I opened five years ago we were excited to bring BBQ to our hometown,” said Sexton, a member of the Ridgefield High School class of 2004. “...What happened after that was bigger then anything we could of imagined.

“This should of been a week of celebration. This Friday we celebrated our fifth anniversary. But in the world of quarantine and lockdown, plans change,” Sexton said. “You have been there to support us, so we want to give back to you. This Tuesday May 26th, we are going to cook up a whole hog, and give away whole hog sandwiches to out of work restaurant workers, local hospital and health care workers, and any first responders who are in need of a hot free meal.

“We have also tapped some our favorite local breweries to donate some beers, because a cold beer and a hot whole hog sando can cure a lot.” Sexton said. “So come by 5 p.m. on the 26th, we are here for you...

“We are cooking up a whole pig,” he said, “and giving it all away to anyone in need of a meal.”