History throwdown

Got history? Of Ridgefield? Connecticut? The U.S.? Here’s your chance to prove it!

On Friday, March 27, we’ll be hosting the Battle of Ridgefield II—a history trivia challenge, testing knowledge of the events and people that shaped our community, state, and nation. And you can be a part of the competition, earning bragging rights and a specially-designed trophy.

The contest is open to teams from one to eight members, at $15 per entrant. Sign up at keelertavernmuseum.org.

There hasn’t been anything quite like it since the first Battle of Ridgefield. (If you expect to have a chance this time, you’ll know the ironic name of that battle’s Patriot hero). Here are some other sample questions:

“Last Train to Clarksville” topped the charts in the same decade that the last train to Ridgefield pulled into the village. Name the decade.

The “Big Shop” was a factory and meeting hall that was moved from its original location to its present homa at the north edge of the Bailey Avenue parking lot. What building took its place?

The answers are the 1960’s, and the Congregational Church. But you already knew that.

So recruit team members to supply the answers that you don’t know and join the fun on the evening of March 27, with a chance to make some history of your own. And good luck!