Hebert Backs Push for Special Legislative Session

Bob Hebert

Bob Hebert

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General Assembly candidate Bob Hebert this week applauded an announcement from the legislature’s House Republicans, who intend to petition for a special session that would allow lawmakers to tackle critical budgetary issues and conduct a bipartisan review of the governor’s executive orders.

Hebert, a member of the Ridgefield’s Board of Selectmen and co-leader of the town’s short-term COVID-19 municipal recovery team, is the Republican candidate to replace the retiring John Frey as state representative for 111th District.

“The governor, by way of emergency powers, has managed the state through executive order since mid-March, and when those powers expire on Sept. 9 the legislature should be ready to act,” Hebert said. “There have been nearly 50 executive orders so far with more than 200 provisions, and the idea of a bipartisan review panel to consider their impact whether any should be extended seems logical.”

Additionally, the legislature must tackle budget deficiencies while also taking a role in determining how federal aid should be distributed to municipalities.

“There’s a lot of work to be done, and the governor has, for the most part, kept members of the legislature at arm’s length,” Hebert said. “That’s an aspect of the response effort which needs to change. State lawmakers understand what’s happening in their communities and should be part of the recovery process.”

Minority party Republicans in the state’s House of Representatives are petitioning for a special session because neither the governor nor the legislature’s majority lawmakers have moved to activate the members of the general assembly.

Hebert, in his second term as a selectman, has worked in the financial services industry for 40 years. His run for state representative is backed by Frey, who has served in the seat for 22 years. Hebert received the unanimous endorsement from the Republican Town Committee last week.

For more information about Hebert, visit BobForStateRep.com.