Projects in Ridgefield are among those supported by $11 million in state funding through the Small Town Economic Assistance Program, state Sen. Will Haskell said.

“I'm so excited for these vital local projects to get underway. Road repairs, sidewalk improvements and an expanded Boys & Girls Club all will positively impact our communities in the years ahead," Sen. Haskell said.

"I’ll continue fighting to bring dollars back to the 26th district, and I’m grateful for all of the municipal leaders who spearheaded these projects. Of course, thank you to Governor Lamont for recognizing the critical needs of this community,” Haskell said.

In Bethel, $128,205 in state funding will support the replacement of the Codfish Hill Road culvert and headwalls, with the project funding matched by $332,339 from the town.

Ridgefield will receive $128,205 in funding for the expansion and renovation of the Boys & Girls Club, matched by $2.6 million from the town. Weston will receive $128,205 in funding for the construction of additional storage space for municipal records and equipment, matched by $246,065 from the town. Westport will receive $128,205 in state funding for sidewalk replacement on Maple Avenue South, matched by $21,795 from the town.

The Governor explained that he reinstated the program in an effort to support Connecticut’s municipalities while implementing projects that will give a boost to the economy and help in their response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

For this round of funding, he implemented a special COVID-19 provision to support towns with expenditures related to their ongoing response to the pandemic, including for new construction, expansion, renovation, or replacement of existing facilities.