Gratitude is good for your health

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Did you know that feeling grateful can make you happier? That is what positive psychology research has proven, according to Harvard Health Publishing and Greater Good Magazine.

The simple act of writing a thank you note or gratitude letter — even one not sent — can create feelings of happiness and optimism, and result in fewer visits to physicians. It stimulates the mind to focus on something positive instead of something negative or irritating. Gratitude can also improve relationships; one study found that individuals who took time to express gratitude for their partner felt more positive toward that person.

Gratitude is a mental state that can grow stronger with use and practice. In addition to thank you notes, researchers suggest keeping a gratitude journal in which you write down something you are grateful for daily. Prayer and meditation also foster feelings of gratitude.

Here at Founders Hall we are very grateful to be a part of the Ridgefield community. As a way to express our gratitude, we are holding the Founders Hall-iday Light Fight, a community holiday light decorating contest, which we hope will be a fun part of the Ridgefield holiday season. Everyone is invited to view the competitors’ light displays from their vehicles during the contest dates, Dec. 10-20.

For more information, visit We are very grateful to event sponsors Fairfield County Bank, Nancy and Larry Bossidy and The Couri Family.