Governor Street parking plans in administrative limbo

The parking lot off Governor Street is being expanded.

The parking lot off Governor Street is being expanded.

Mack Reid / Hearst

The town’s planned expansion of the public parking lot off Governor Street is in a bit of an administrative limbo.

The town’s application was originally submitted to the combined Planning and Zoning Commission and Inland Wetlands Board.

But the two agencies were separated by a charter change approved in November 2018. And the new charter provision couldn’t take effect until a new separate wetlands board was elected in the November 2019’s townwide voting.

The commission had originally scheduled a public hearing for Nov. 12. But the new wetlands board’s first meeting was scheduled for Nov. 26.

The wetlands board will likely want to schedule its own public hearing.

And the Planning and Zoning Commission can’t take up the application until after the wetlands board has acted on the matter.

So plans for the 56-car parking lot are waiting.

Town officials are still hopeful construction can begin in the spring.