Gnomes in the woods: The mystery behind Ridgefield’s fairy family

A family of gnomes has taken up residence in Ridgefield’s woods. Where did they come from? Nobody knows.

The Press did some sleuthing around in Spring Valley Road’s trees on Wednesday, July 24, and a neighbor said that the fantastical statues have been up for a long time but there have been recent additions.

“They’ve added more pixies and fairies,” said the neighbor, who was out walking her dogs on a nice sunny day but wished to remain anonymous.

There are officially three trees where the gnomes have been found so far. The first one is on the right hand side about halfway down Spring Valley Road. This one has a flower wreath and a wooden door, with a white gnome standing outside it. Wrapped around the tree is a ladder and, up higher in the tree, is another gnome who is standing on a wooden deck.

Down the road less than a quarter mile is the second tree, on the left side, which has fairy gnomes and another ladde.

The neighbor said these were the recent additions.

“They’ve been coming back and changing them around,” she said. “Someone left a note at the first tree that said ‘I love you, Gnome, xoxo.”

The third gnome tree is only a few feet up the road from the second one. It stands in front of the home on 111 Spring Valley Road, and also features small, colorful gnomes inside.

“The trees used to have carved out faces on them,” the neighbor said. “That was a while ago, and didn’t look anywhere as precious as these dolls.”