Giving Thanks: Thanks for helping hurricane victims, Ridgefield Hardware

I just wanted to thank Ridgefield Hardware, Dr. Michael Pizzo and Kim at my dentist office and John at the UPS store for all of their thoughtful generosity in helping me get some basic essentials shipped down to Anguilla for the hurricane victims.

There has been so much tragedy all over the world lately and we wanted to be sure that our favorite vacation resort had what they needed immediately. The container arrived there yesterday and they were so grateful for all that we sent. They will be without power until January and still need money to buy generators to power up till then. If there are Ridgefielders that would like to contribute, there is a website that can help them do just that. The website is

Anguilla was hit by both Hurricane Maria and, most devastating, Irma. Many local people lost their roofs, doors, windows, and their belongings. Almost everyone on the island had severe flooding and they don’t have the means to rebuild. Anything we can do is so much appreciated.

Thanks again to the amazing, and generous, people of Ridgefield!

Terri Bennett and Bob Pfeiffer

Rita Road, Oct. 6