Girls learn leadership in Ms. President US

More than 30 girls attended a Ms. President US event Jan. 10 at the Ridgefield Library.

More than 30 girls attended a Ms. President US event Jan. 10 at the Ridgefield Library.

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In preparation for the 2020 Ms. President US election, Kylie Macancela, 2019 Ms. President US Danbury, returned to Ridgefield Library Jan. 10 to share with the about 35 interested girls her experience on how to run a successful campaign.

Kylie told them she had never spoken in front of a large crowd before, and how described she was able to overcome her fears.

She went on to say how much her campaign and Ms President US had helped to build her confidence, both as a person and as a public speaker. She spoke to the girls about the significance of her topic, the positive and negative effects of internet safety, and recounted the strategies that lead to her victory.

Christine O’Leary, an award-winning stand-up comedian and public speaking expert, then spoke to the girls about the roles of females. She explained to the girls that when they support and help each other, they all become stronger.

“As females, we must be better to each other than we are to anyone else,” she said.

She reminded the participants that people with privilege should always try to help those without privilege, and encouraged the participants to choose platforms that tackled big problems like poverty or sexism.

The high school mentors and Ms President US leaders then led a brainstorming session where the girls came up with possible campaign topics. During the activity, each participant wrote and recorded a short speech that was then sent to them to review. This way they can see how much they improve as they get closer to the election.

After the meeting, the girls left with their upcoming campaigns enriched by advice from the speakers, Kylie Macancela and Christine O’Leary.

To young girls thinking of running for public office, O’Leary said: “Don’t be a helper, be a leader.”