Maura McGuire, a 5th grade Girl Scout from Barlow Mountain Elementary school recently donated about $1,000 worth of gift cards to the Ridgefield Food Pantry. Funds she raised were used to purchase about $400 in Planet Pizza gift cards and $600 in Stop & Shop gift cards. Maura spent the last year volunteering her time to raise the money, while working towards her Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

“People don’t always think that kids can make a difference, said Maura. “Kids are very creative and can find ideas like this to help people in a really good way. Someone needs to make a difference in town, so why not me?”

Maura held lemonade stands, sold handmade bags, returned bottles, and even asked for donations instead of gifts for her birthday. She was about to hand off her cash donation to the food pantry when the Covid-19 virus outbreak occurred. That’s when she realized she could go one step further — take her cash and turn it into gift cards.