Girl Scouts of Connecticut CEO, Mary Barneby, emphasized the importance of women having a voice and representing the government as elected leaders in the Ms President US kickoff session titled, “Activate Your Girl Power.” The session focused on the importance of women being involved in civic leadership positions to have an impact on the decisions made at the local, state, and national levels which affect women’s lives.

Barneby outlined the issues women have faced historically and noted that women tend to govern differently than men, often offering a collaborative approach. She also encouraged the girls to vote when they are adults so that all voices are heard.

Barneby was joined by Girl Scout Gold Award recipient and Ms President US teen mentor, Charlotte Anglade. Charlotte presented her Gold Award, which she won for a project that addressed mental health in adolescent girls. She encouraged the girls to get involved in the community and address issues they care about — even at a young age. She explained that, “I was only 15 when I started my project and 17 when I finished it. I was able to make a difference in the community, and you can too.”

About 30 percent of enrolled girls are local Girl Scouts, and earn the Inside Government badge and the Finding Common Ground badge through the program. All girls who participate in the program earn a fun patch.

“We are so grateful for the important partnership with Girl Scouts given our shared mission to encourage girls’ leadership at all levels,” said Liz Fleuette, Ridgefield resident and founder of Ms President US. “With the support of Girl Scouts of Connecticut, we have the potential to reach more girls from all communities, which we aspire to do in the future.”

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