Gene, a friendly, 9-month-old black Lab seeks compassionate caregiver

Who doesn’t love Labs? With their goofy antics, happy-go-lucky, loyal personalities and unconditional givers of love, Labs are loved by everyone. Make a friend with a Lab and you just might have a friend for life.

Meet Gene, a very friendly, nine-month-old Black Lab mix from Mississippi who meets all the Lab criteria. Gene arrived at ROAR with three other young black Labs who have all been adopted to loving families, but sadly he has been diagnosed with heartworm.

Heartworm is a serious canine disease that without treatment can result in severe lung disease, heart failure, organ damage or even death. It is caused by a worm, spread through the bite of a mosquito. The chance that a dog will acquire heartworm is about one in 200.

Sweet Gene never wanted to be a heartworm statistic, and now finds himself to be a friend in need. That is where YOU come in. A friend shows up when least expected during times of need. Can you be Gene’s friend indeed?

During his heartworm treatment, which will take approximately three months, Gene will need to be in a placid environment. Short leashed walks in the fresh air and little-to-no excitement from any other pets will be just the medicine you can give to your new friend. If this describes your home, ROAR will assist you with anything and everything it takes to care for Gene while he is being treated to be free of this insidious disease.

ROAR is not asking you to adopt Gene; just help by fostering him with your unconditional love while he heals. A volunteer has stepped up to foster Gene for the month of March. Any time from just two weeks to two months you can commit to is welcome and appriciated.

Contact Dorene Zurlo, ROAR’s foster coordinator, to discuss and ask any questions about fostering at or call the ROAR Shelter at 203-438-0158.