GOP reaches out to seniors

Concerned about the well-being of senior citizens in town, Ridgefield Republicans began a phone call campaign to check on their health and welfare and inform them of many available town services.

Republican Town Committee member Colette Kabasakalian recruited and organized volunteers to implement the plan, and to-date the volunteers have reached out to over 250 senior residents.

Seniors of advanced age are the highest priority, but after a primary contact is made, less aged tiered groups will become the subsequent focus.

The calls have been well received, Kabasakalian said, explaining that the goal is to inform seniors of the many local services available, including Social Services, Meals on Wheels, Neighbors Helping Neighbors, RUOK (Are You OK?) and more.

“Just as important as the resource information that we share is the human contact with some seniors who live alone and simply appreciate a chat and knowing that someone is concerned about them, ” Kabasakalian said.

Many seniors don’t use the internet for their daily news and aren’t connected to the community through social media outlets like Facebook. Phone calls to this population may be the one way to get them important information.

“It’s wonderful that our town is offering so many of these resources, but if our most vulnerable population during this pandemic are unaware, then the hopeful and intended outcome is less likely to be realized,” said Megan Presbrey, one of the outreach volunteers.

The Senior Outreach Project will continue as long as Ridgefield continues to adhere to restricted social distancing guidelines, and there is a health threat to the town’s senior population.

Ridgefield residents interested in helping the effort may join the program by contacting Colette Kabasakalian at and using the title “Senior Outreach.”