GOP Viewpoint: Why I am running for Board of Selectmen

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Ridgefield is small town, with terrific people, beautiful neighborhoods, and an incredible quality of life. Ridgefield schools gave my children a great education and prepared them well for college.

I have joined various community groups including St Mary’s, PTAs and the Rotary Club, and met countless people. Ridgefield is truly lucky to have many individuals contributing their time and energy to improve our town.

Ridgefield has faced challenges over the years. I first decided to run for political office in 1992, where I learned that serving in our government is both a great honor and responsibility.

I served on four elected boards, including Planning & Zoning, Board of Selectmen, Board of Finance and currently serve on the Police Commission. I had the privilege to meet and work with people of all different backgrounds and party affiliations, and work together to get the results that Ridgefielders deserve. I learned land use and wetland regulations, the Town Charter, state regulations, government financial reporting and police guidelines. I enjoy listening and working with people to make Ridgefield even better.

This background as a longtime resident, business executive, volunteer and elected official on multiple town boards is what I bring to the Board of Selectmen to make an immediate positive impact.

Our town is at a crossroads. We know we don’t want to become a city with dense overdevelopment, heavy traffic and little tax base growth, nor do we want to become a Westchester town with excessive residential property taxes. We must do a couple of things to stay Ridgefield.

My platform is simple. Keep Ridgefield, Connecticut’s No. 1 town.

1. Protect Ridgefield’s quality of life and beautiful neighborhoods. This includes fighting tolls, helping ease traffic and work with the sewer commission to convert to eusage billing. I also want to work with P&Z on curbing commercial development in residential zones.

2. Smart targeted growth of our tax base. Our commercial tax base is not growing and it needs to help fund our school system. I have a plan to address this.

3. Re-organize our town government to make it more efficient. We need to look at every penny the town spends and how we can do better. As a business executive I have the training and experience to do this.

4. Protect our superior schools. This includes helping the BOE find our next school superintendent and help make our schools more successful including looking at the maintenance of the school buildings. Lead the fight to ensure the state does not try to regionalize our schools.

These are my guiding principles. We must take action to keep Ridgefield the great town it is.

This 2019 election is about what we want our town to look like now and in the years to come.

To learn more about me, please visit my website at I look forward to meeting you, learning what’s important to you, and earning your vote.