Fourth of July fireworks in Ridgefield go off with a bang

RIDGEFIELD — The town’s annual fireworks display went off with a bang this year as residents filed into Tiger Hollow Stadium to celebrate Independence Day.

The fireworks took place on Monday night. And while other town events have been canceled due to pandemic restrictions, First Selectman Rudy Marconi said he was “excited” to see the town tradition restored.

“This is great news and a well-deserved reward for all the hard work our community has done in getting vaccinated and contributing to the lifting of COVID restrictions,” he said in a release.

The town did not implement social distancing for the event but did ask anyone who had not been vaccinated or was concerned about other people being contagious to wear a mask.

There were lights both in the sky and on the ground as glow sticks were made available, and the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce organized food trucks and vendors at the school’s entrance. Residents were charged $20 per car, which went towards funding the fireworks.

According to Marconi, the fireworks alone cost the town about $26,000. Tacking on police and fire overtime for the event boosted the cost to nearly $50,000. While the town is looking to raise most of the money through sponsors, Marconi hopes parking passes will make up the rest.

If the revenue from parking passes and donations from sponsors does not cover the cost, the town won’t pick up the tab. Marconi has asked anyone who might have a few extra dollars to spare and wants to contribute to do so.

In addition to the July 5 fireworks display, Broadway star Debbie Gravitte put on a concert on July 4 with her band at Ballard Park.