Fountain at Lounsbury House in Ridgefield repaired, two people apologize

RIDGEFIELD — A decorative fountain in front of Lounsbury House has been repaired after being damaged earlier this week.

Around 8 a.m. Thursday, a caretaker discovered the fountain had been toppled over and broken, prompting staff to file a report with the Ridgefield Police Department.

On Friday, Executive Director Suzanne Brennan said that two young people came forward to apologize for the incident, and indicated that the damage to the fountain was accidental.

“We appreciate the apology and want to emphasize that it takes great character to come forward and accept responsibility,” she said in a statement. “Mistakes have the power to make us wiser and more compassionate and I’m glad that this event has a happy ending.”

The fountain is part of Ridgefield’s Veterans’ Memorial Garden and was installed less than two years ago. It was donated by Richard Hastings of Hastings, Cohan & Walsh.

Ridgefield’s Parks & Recreation Department stepped in to repair the fountain, which was paid for by Ridgefield Lions Club member Mike Liberta.

“People love to take photos ... near the fountain,” Brennan said. “We (often) have little kids making wishes, tossing coins in it. … It’s a beautiful focal point for the town.”

Lounsbury House relies largely on the generosity of the community to manage costs associated with maintenance and preservation, and the site surrounding the garden is indicative of that. The Caudatowa Garden Club maintains the gardens there and the Marine Veterans of Fairfield County will occasionally clean the neighboring monument, which honors soldiers who served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

“The Veterans’ Memorial Garden holds a particularly special place in our hearts,” Brennan said.

The director thanked Walt Schuett, Dave Girolametti, Liberta, American Legion Post 78, the Marine Veterans, the police department and Officer Katherine Williams for their assistance, adding, “Ridgefield truly is a community that cares.”