Founders Hall offers resources for your well-being

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Practicing self-isolation is difficult for most of us, but especially seniors who don’t have the stimulation of work to keep them occupied and are especially vulnerable to the coronavirus. For those Ridgefielders who are challenged by day-to-day needs right now, such as obtaining food and medication, there is “Neighbors Helping Neighbors,” a new group formed by Compassionate Ridgefield that pairs volunteers with seniors. To sign up for this service, call Founders Hall at 203-431-7000 and we will connect you with “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.”

Once physical needs are taken care of, it is important to take care of other aspects of your well-being. To boost your mental health, nothing beats doing something for someone else. Here’s an idea: call one person a day — a family member, a nearby friend, an old friend who you haven’t talked to in a while, or a neighbor. Make a list of the people you plan to call and pick a time of day to make your call. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and you will both benefit from the interaction.

Safeguard your physical health and manage feelings of stress by doing some exercise each day, inside or outside. You can set aside a few minutes to stretch, take a walk, follow along with a workout video, or take a virtual fitness class. Spring can be rainy, so watch the weather forecast a few days ahead to plan your time outside. Having something to look forward to can be a positive addition to your life during times like these.

Lili Schroppe