Founders Hall is now closed until further notice. We are holding all spring semester registration checks until we know when (hopefully) the spring semester will start.

We think that there is more than a bit of irony in the current situation for senior citizens in Ridgefield. During normal times, seniors are advised to avoid isolation to optimize their mental and physical wellbeing. But now, they need isolation to protect their physical health. So what can they do to protect their mental health too?

The first step is to reduce exposure to the news. Watching, reading and listening to the news all day tends to increase anxiety and crowd out enjoyable activities. Pick a time in the morning and a time in the evening to briefly check the news and stay up to date. Another step seniors can take is make full use of their computer, tablet and/or smartphone to connect virtually. With these devices a person can download books to read or listen to, use FaceTime to see their friends and family while talking to them, listen to podcasts, and watch educational and inspiring TedTalks.

Founders Hall members can now take Founders Hall classes online. Seniors may also join Facebook or start using it in new ways if they already have an account. A new Facebook group has sprung up, “Ridgefield, CT Seniors,” which is a great way to stay in touch with local peers. Another action Ridgefield seniors can take is to contact “Neighbors Helping Neighbors,” a new group launched by Compassionate Ridgefield. Call Founders Hall and we will pass your name along to this helpful group. Visit or call us at 203-431-7000.

Lili Schroppe