Feet First: Taking steps to avoid amputations

Taking steps to avoid amputations is a high priority of ours. We were given 10 toes for a reason and keeping them all is important.

More than 100,000 lower extremity amputations happen each year. Most of them are in diabetic situations. Most could have been prevented. Loss of adequate blood flow to the legs and feet is the number one cause of amputations. Losing blood flow can happen for many reasons, with diabetes being the most common. Smoking, high blood pressure, and heart disease are other common reasons for losing blood flow to the lower extremities.

But here’s the most important thing … Early screening can detect a problem that can be fixed most of the time.

We have vast experience evaluating and detecting the warning signs of inadequate blood flow. Anyone over 50 years of age should have their feet examined by a podiatrist at least once a year for this reason alone. We have been able to save toes, feet, legs, and lives because of screening and early detection.

Since diabetics are at an even higher risk of losing blood flow to the lower extremities, a foot evaluation at least twice a year is indicated.

Another thing to consider is that a sore anywhere on your feet that isn’t healing should be evaluated for the possibility of decreased blood flow.

Again, most amputations can be prevented.

Amputation prevention is an incredibly high priority for us. If you have any concerns about less than normal blood flow, schedule an appointment to have it checked by calling 203-791-0466. For more information, visit danburypodiatrist.com/.

Dr. Paul Betschart