Feet First: Simple steps to better foot health

Dr. Paul Betschart

Dr. Paul Betschart

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Most of us ignore them until they bother us, but all of us depend on them. They are our primary mode of transportation.

What am I talking about? Our feet, of course!

The fact is that most people only start to pay attention to their feet when something hurts.

Four out of five adults will likely develop a foot problem in their lifetime. Most can be prevented with appropriate care. Simple steps to better foot health include making sure your shoes fit properly, keeping your feet clean and dry, treat any minor injuries immediately and visiting a foot expert regularly for preventative care and treatment of conditions before they become disabling.

There is a lot that can go wrong with the feet, with 26 bones, 20 muscles and 33 joints in each foot as well as skin and 10 toe nails. In this column, I hope to bring you timely information on foot and ankle issues so you can maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Dr. Paul Betschart