Farewell, Biscuit: Ridgefield’s Main Street will miss a dog

Faithful companion to “the flower lady” who tends Main Street’s hanging baskets of blossoms, the dog Biscuit has died.

“What an amazing run Biscuit had! She lived a long and fulfilling life — giving so much joy to all those that encountered her,” said Spencer Moore, whose years of employment watering the flower baskets hanging from lamposts in the village has earned her the title “the flower lady.”

Biscuit, a brown and white Australian Shepherd of gentle and mellow and temperament, was Moore’s constant companion on her rounds the last nine years, sitting quietly on the modified golf cart that carried the flower lady’s watering rig.

She died Nov. 13 at the age of 15.

Moore said that her family has a puppy, a male Australian Shepherd named Bauer, with “tri-color” markings -- white, brown and black. He will have to prove himself as having a temperament suitable to follow in Biscuit as the flower lady’s companion on watering rounds.

“We’ll see if he passes the test to be my partner!” Moore said.

The flower lady said she plans to contineu her work, with her business now formalized under the name MooreBloom.

“I will say that Biscuit taught me a lot during the countless hours we spent together caring for the baskets — value of patience, loyalty, generosity, acceptance, and savoring each day,” Moore said.

“She did not require a lot but she certainly gave a lot. It will be big ‘paws’ to fill some day!” said Moore.

With flower baskets not just in the village these days, but down on Route 35, Moore has human help with her watering duties.

She said Biscuit seemed to have inspired the other women and girls who now assist in the task to bring along their own canine companions on the watering rounds.

“It is like a requirement: ‘lady and dog,’ ” she said.

“I plan to sprinkle Biscuit's ashes on Main Street one day to honor and remember her.”