Eversource digging on Ridgefield’s Main Street this week

Eversource will be digging test pits along Main Street in Ridgefield this week.

Crews are anticipated to dig six test pits. This effort precedes the Main Street realignment project scheduled to commence during the spring of 2021.

Following the digging of the test pits, the state’s Department of Transportation finalize designs and engineering, along with the town of Ridgefield, and send the project out to bid.

The bid effort will occur early next year.

“The project continues to move forward and we anticipate starting the bulk of the project during spring 2021,” Charles Robbins told The Press earlier this summer.

Robbins is the town’s liaison to state Department of Transportation (DOT) on the Main Street work.

The main goal of the project is to make the CVS shopping center driveway and Prospect Street directly across from one another — allowing the traffic light there to drop what’s now an extra phase in its cycle, and be better coordinated with the lights at Catoonah Street and Governor Street.

“The test holes will cause minimal interruption or additional congestion on Main Street and will be completed in a short time frame,” Robbins said.

In the spring and summer of 2020, Eversource plans to start relocating utilities and lines.

“The bulk of the effort will take place at the intersection of Prospect and Main streets based upon the realignment of the intersection,” Robbins said. “Eversource anticipates between one and two months to complete their work. They are willing to do most of the work during the summer (August), to mitigate any traffic delays.”