After a year of working on projects such as adding more electrical chargers in town and creating a cultural district, Economic and Community Development Commission Chairman John Devine has been reappointed to another term by the Board of Selectmen.

Devine spoke to the selectmen’s Jan. 22 meeting, and was reappointed on a 4-to-0 vote after reviewing the status of projects the Economic and Community Development Commission (ECDC) has been working on.

Having more electric vehicle chargers in town would make Ridgefield a more attractive destination for electric vehicle owners, a group that is growing and will only continue to grow more, Devine said.

“If you can come here and charge your car, you’re going to go to restaurant week,” Devine said.

The ECDC has been researching installing more electric vehicle stations on town property — there’s now one behind town hall, and another at the Venus Building near the Ridgefield Playhouse.

While the two chargers now on town property are free to users, the ECDC is looking at chargers where people would pay with a credit card.

“We’re going to install EV stations, but we’re not giving electricity away,” Devine said.

Units are commercially available, and can be purchased or rented.

“Each pole has two chargers,” Devine said. “I think leasing is the way to go.”

The ECDC has also been talking to big condominium complexes and commercial landlords about adding electric vehicle charging stations in private parking lots.

“Landlords would do their own leases,” Devine said.

There’s more work to be done. Devine said the ECDC is making good progress toward adding more chargers.

“We’re investigating it. We’re pretty far down the path,” Devine said. “We’re excited.”

Devine said efforts to organize a Ridgefield Cultural District under state auspices were on hold, as the state is still getting its new cultural districts program organized.

“The state said ‘put everything on pause,” he told the selectmen.