Election roundup: Who won what race?

Ridgefield’s voting numbers are still unofficial but it appears that every Democratic candidate running for office this year won their race last night.

Republicans who claimed unofficial victory in contested races are as follows: John Katz (Planning and Zoning), Maureen Kozlark and Bob Hebert (Board of Selectmen), Pat Sesto and Alan Pilch (Inland Wetlands Board, four-year term), and Tim Bishop (Inland Wetlands Board, two-year term).

As previously reported, Republicans Elizabeth Floegel, Rachel Ruggeri, and Sean McEvoy won election onto the Board of Education.

The numbers were too close to call the Board of Finance race. Democrats Dave Ulmer and Karen Ogden won election, while Republicans Greg Kabasakalian and David Cordisco are still battling it out Wednesday morning for the board’s third open seat. Kabasakalian had a 13-vote edge on Cordisco, according to the unofficial numbers.

One surprising result was Democrats Issy Caporale and George Kain knocking off Republcian incumbent Tom Reynolds in the race for to serve on Ridgefield’s Board of Police Commissioners.

For more information, visit the live election results page here and select “Ridgefield” from the drop down menu.

Board of Selectmen: