Election 2019: Kabasakalian tops Cordisco in finance board race

Greg Kabasakalian

Greg Kabasakalian

Greg Kabasakalian was declared the winner over David Cordisco on Tuesday, Nov. 12, after a recount of last week’s Board of Finance race.

Kabasakalian received 3,701 votes to Cordisco’s 3,696 in the final count.

After Election Day 2019, Kabasakalian led 3,700 to 3,697. He gained one extra vote in the recount, while Cordisco lost one.

“The biggest take away for me is every vote counts,” Kabasakalian said on Wednesday morning. “Our race was decided by five individuals. We are blessed to have the right to vote, please be sure to exercise that responsibility.”

He said that waiting a week for the results wasn’t so bad.

“Wayne Floegel, one of our registrars, was very helpful in explaining how the process would work,” Kabasakalian said. “His explanation gave me great comfort since everything about the election was new to me. I learned a great deal. I would like to thank all of those who worked the election and recount, it was a huge effort.”

The wait on Tuesday was a little more strenuous.

“By 3 [p.m.] it started to feel like the 9th inning of a Yankees-Red Sox playoff game,” Kabasakalian joked.

He was unable to attend the recount due to a work commitment, but his wife Colette was present.

“Her real time texts were reminiscent of listening to a Yankees game on the radio and not seeing it for myself,” he said. “The audio version of the recount added to my anxiety and I needed a shower by the time I got the final count. It was intense.”