Editorial correction: Vaping quotes not verified

The following is an editorial correction that will run in the Jan. 18 Ridgefield Press: 

The Press would like to apologize for running quotes from Barbara Jennes in a November 2017 article about vaping that were not verified.

The Press was unaware of this error until Friday night, and would like to further apologize that several attempts to send online letters were not responded to earlier. We will look to fix the problems with our website in the future to promote continued transparency and professionalism.

It is our duty to fact check quotes from sources and verify them.

The quotes in the aforementioned story have since been retracted in the paper's online version. The Press recognizes that this does not undo the harm done and the reputations that have since been damaged.

The newspaper is dedicated to thorough reporting of community news and realizes it fell short of this standard in this story.

Please send all questions and letters regarding this story directly to news@theirdgefieldpress.com

Steve Coulter